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August 1, 2010

Simon & Schuster Enters the t-Book Market

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I’ve posted before about the coming of the next generation of books called Transmedia Books. Now, a major publisher has entered the fray.

Scribner and Simon & Schuster Digital have released what they are calling their first-ever “enhanced e-book,” Rick Perlstein’s Nixonland, via Apple’s iBookstore application. The enhanced e-book includes an original interview with the author and 27 historic video segments produced by CBS News embedded alongside the original text, which was first published in hardcover in May 2008. A digital version without the video is also available through Amazon’s Kindle Store.

Simon & Schuster is calling their transmedia book – the Vook.

With a Vook you can read your book, watch videos that highlight key moments in the story, view visual how-to’s, and connect with authors and other readers. You can the current Vook titles and view a brief description of the Vook at

You can purchase a Vook to view on any computer and watch it whenever you’re online.  No special software is required or purchase a Vook as an app for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

These new t-books will be more of an app than an e-Book file. Many readers will still prefer the traditional way of reading a book but the new t-Books will add the ability to experience a book as well.

With the popularity and success of the iPad and other ‘app’ type reading platforms, authors today will have to consider writing for this new generation of books – and readers, and like the popularity of traditional e-Book, will have to decide if they want to expand into the coming growth of t-Books.

Now that a major publisher like Simon & Schuster has entered the t-Book market it will lend credibility to the next generation of publishing.

My publisher TrapDoor Books will enter the t-Book market with my novel CyerKill by the end of the year.


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