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June 17, 2010

The Chonicles of Jeremy Nash

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As some of you might already know, while putting the finishing touches on CyberKill, I was concurrently writing my new character series, the Chronicles of Jeremy Nash.

Jeremy Nash is a noted debunker and skeptic of conspiracy theories, urban legends and myths but is drawn into pursuing one in each book due to a threat to his family, himself or his reputation.

The formula of the chronicles consists of a conspiracy theory, unsolved mystery, urban myth, New Age belief or paranormal practice that Nash is forced to pursue through a series of clues and puzzles that he must solve; combined with an underlying real world threat of event, organization or persons that is somehow connected to what he is pursuing. This provides the thriller aspect of the stories.

Thus, the chronicles combine the best of Indiana Jones, the National Treasure movies and the X-Files.

Jeremy’s adventures take place over a period of three weeks in the three book series each ending in a teaser for the following book.

The first book, A Taste of the Apocalypse, is completed and ready for publisher review.  The second, SEED, a 2012 End of Time thriller, will be finalized by the first part of August. The third book in the series, Black Sun, is being written now. I hope to have that finalized and read for review by mid 2011 even though the first 20% of the book has been completed.

Why don’t I send what I have now to my publsiher TrapDoor Books.

First, since there are characters and themes that show up in all three books, I need to write then concurrently. And second, I like TrapDoor to see the entire series so they can make a proper decision.

So…I toil and hope to send the first two complete books and some of the completed third to TrapDoor by September for their review.

You can see the book trailer for the Chronicles here.


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  1. Frank:
    I’m so excited for you (still waiting for that review copy or manuscript or whatever you said…hee, hee) Anyway, I am excited as well to read the entire group (with critique of course), and have them grace my library along side your “Cyberkill.” Keep up the quality work, and I look forward to it, soon! Congrats!
    Lydia Nolan-Ruiz, Creator
    International Books Cafe

    Comment by L.Nolan-Ruiz — June 17, 2010 @ 5:23 PM | Reply

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