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May 16, 2010

CYBERKILL: The Lost Chapters – Part One

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They say that an author has to be brutal with his or her edits.

The first few drafts of CyberKill were filled with quite a lot of technology and other information pertaining to government programs in an attempt to make the novel as informative and pertinent as possible.

But in the process of some fine advice, editing and story polishing that I received, some of that material had to be deleted.  But, it was interesting non-the-less.

So, here are some of the lost chapters of CyberKill that contained some very interesting information and technology for discussion.

BTW: These are the raw unedited and unpolished chapters.

This week — the Washington DC wireless ‘smart’ meters and Motorola emergency pagers.

Shannon attended one of those advanced pre-schools for children. The one’s where parents enroll their children in Harvard during pregnancy. Cole wasn’t that bad. He just wanted a pre-school that would challenge Shannon’s little mind that already could read and write sentences.

Traffic was a bear that morning and they arrived at the pre-school 40 minutes late. Cole would normally drop Shannon off at the curb where some of the pre-school teachers would escort the children to the classrooms.  But today he wanted to speak to the Director about Goppy – her imaginary playmate. He parked the car in a metered parking place with one of those new ‘smart’ meters. A new addition to that area of DC, these meters had solved the problem of not having enough change. They took debit and credit cards by cell phone. Cole took his cell out of his pocket and dialed a toll free number. Once connected, he entered his space and credit card number and how much time he wanted on the meter. He entered 30 minutes – just to be safe. The meter docked his credit card at .50 per 10 minutes intervals and beamed an authorization to the meter.

What was cool about using his cell phone was the ability of the meter to send him a text message when the meter ran down and give him a chance to re-up. The new smart meter could do something else. Jack up rates on the fly. The server could broadcast new rates to meters in a specific neighborhood if the city wanted to charge more during business hours.

Pocketing his phone, Cole locked the car and walked to the entrance of the pre-school with Shannon. Outside the door, he stopped and pulled two pen-size Motorola pagers from his pocket. He opened her Power Puff Girls backpack and clipped one of the pagers onto a side pocket, and the other he put inside his shirt pocket. “I want you to always keep this with you at school or when out with Anna, pumpkin,” he instructed. “If you ever need help, press the red button at the top and Daddy will come for you. Remember, only use this when you are in danger and need your Daddy. OK?”

Shannon nodded and said,” Only when in danger, right, Daddy?”

”Only when in danger. Good girl.”


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