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February 17, 2010

Let’s Talk Conspiracy Theory

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Most thrillers involve some sort of conspiracy that the hero must face and defeat.  For a novelist, there are an untold number of real and imagined conspiracies to draw on.

CyberKill is no exception.

Here’s a discussion between some of the main characters in CyberKill that must make one wonder if there is some kind of strange government cabal plotting to take away our freedoms.

“OK, let’s talk conspiracies. One closer to home. DARPA,” replied Dallas.

“DARPA?” said Cole. “The Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency?”

“Yep. The very same guys who gave us the free and open Internet.”

“What about them?” asked Taylor. “What conspiracy are they involved in?”

“Ever hear of the IAO or the TIA Program?” asked Dallas.

“What are those?” asked KC.

“I know the IAO,” said Cole. “It’s the Information Awareness Office. It’s a DARPA agency established in 2002 to provide the government with total information awareness in the wake of 9-11.”

“Correct. Give that man a Captain Midnight decoder ring. What you may not know of the IAO was what was written about it in a Guardian article entitled Think, Big Brother is Watching You. It spoke of the IAO supplying government officials with instant analysis of what was written, emailed and said on phones all over the US. Wanna test it? Send a text-message that reads ‘Bmb OK. Allah gr8.’ And see who shows up at your front door.”

“What’s more,” Dallas continued, “the logo of the IAO, and it’s on the DARPA web site by the way, displays the Illuminati Seal as part of its logo. I kid you not!”

“You mean to say,” Taylor said, “that this agency tasked with spying on Americans adopted a seal connected to one of the biggest and well known conspiracy theories throughout history – the Illuminati Brotherhood?”

“Yep. The all-seeing eye atop the pyramid. The same seal on our dollar bills.”

Cole pondered that a moment and said,” I can’t believe some bunch a government pin heads sat down and said, ‘Let’s utilize the symbol network known to history as one of the top three shadowy groups – the Illuminati, Freemasons and the Order of the Jesuits – for our logo’. That is sure to throw the conspiracy nuts into fits. No wonder the Brotherhood is recruiting members.”

“And the TIA?” asked Taylor.

“The Total Information Awareness system is just one of the foot soldiers of the IAO. Other programs that suppose to be watching, listing and tracking what we do around the whole globe work under the names of Genoa and Genoa II, ECHELON, NIMD, and LifeLog. If you believe in black helicopters and that our new currency has a secret tracking mechanism in them, these all point to the goal of tracing the threads of an individual’s life – every email sent, every phone call made, every TV show watched, every magazine read, and everything purchased in one’s life. And this is what our Brotherhood friends are howling against.”

For a novelist, one needn’t look too far for material these days. Sometimes fact is just as worrisome as fiction.



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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by followthenovel: There are a number of real and imagined conspiracies to draw on for a novelist. So let’s talk conspiracies.

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  2. So very true that the headlines will supply the ideas. With third world nations going Nuclear. Religious unrest and terrorism in almost every region of the world. Where science meets science fiction, and becomes science fact. Political power struggles, and leaders with an axe to grind. Yes this is where my ideas rush forth from. The threats are very real, as in my newest book a threat that no one really would want to think about. However the delivery is so realistically possible.
    I only wonder what some of the great writers of the past might do with these same headlines.

    Comment by TR Wallace — February 21, 2010 @ 7:25 AM | Reply

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