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November 5, 2009

Next Back-Story Radio Show – 11/7/09

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On the first Saturday of each month from 9:30 to 10AM PST my co-host Steven Clark Bradley and I will discuss the back-story of novels – ours and one of our guest authors.

The radio show URL is

You can call into the show to speak with us or our guests at anytime at (718) 766-4155

I’m the author of a new Techno-thriller called CYBERKILL which can be found at and my co-host is a prolific writer of thrillers and suspense novels like Patriot Acts and his upcoming novel the Second Republic. Steven’s site is at

Every novelist has a back-story to tell. Ever wonder what authors are really tying to say in their novels? The Back Story Radio Show gives you an inside look at the making of a novel. A behind the scenes look of the back story the author is conveying.

It could be as simple as what made them write the story. The back-story could also be a particular point or concept that the author wants to get across to the reader.

We’ll explore those back-stories every month on our show.

This week’s show- November 7th –  will have as our Back-Story guest Susan Whitfield. She has written three mystery novels, Genesis Beach, Just North of Luck, and Hell Swamp (L&LDreamspell). She lives in eastern North Carolina, where she currently is writing Gator Creek, the fourth book.



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