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September 15, 2009

Finally …..

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If you’re a writer – and I suspect you are if you’re reading my author blog – you would understand the feelings of ‘something is just not right’ with a stories plot points.

These feelings of I’ve had with SEED and they were bugging me for many weeks.

I’m writing a three book series and the last thing I want is any duplication of scenes either with the other books in series or within a given book. Seed has been giving me this problem.

I’m about two thirds through the book and found my self going back into previous scenes to make critical changes. In fact, what normally takes me a week to write edit and finish a scene has taken me several weeks to get to the point where I can move forward with the story.

One problem was that I repeated the type of explosion in a previous and then later scene. That caused me to re-write the newer scene extensively. The other was Nash’s sister, Alyson. I had to take her out of the story temporarily so she could be used later in the final conflict. But I didn’t want it to look to reader as her being kidnapped like in the first book. I also wanted to put in a red nearing for the reader so that later I could surprise the reader with a quick plot twist.

So, I made it look like Alyson was killed. Then bring her back as a surprise in the final conflict at the PROJECT.

That felt real good and should make for an interesting read and guessing game for the reader. No I can go forward with the story with another major plot twist. Henderson who has been seen as an asset to Nash turns on him unexpectantly at the ruins. He, in fact, has been working with the Hayden Mayer and the Ecotopians who are about to destroy the Glenn Canyon Dam to cleanse the Four Corners Area and fulfill prophesy.

Things for Nash are going to get even more deicer.


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