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September 9, 2009

The Challenge of Repeatable Themes

Filed under: SEED Novel — Frank Fiore @ 12:18 PM

With the Chronicles of Jeremy Nash, I am writing a three book series. Using the same main characters can be problem. I want the characters to have different experiences confronted with different challenges. If not, the stories could be predictable and boring for the reader of the series.

One needs to constantly surprise the reader with unexpected turns that the continuing characters experience.

I was faced with this one in SEED.

In the first book, Alyson was kidnapped. She is taken again in the second book but I wanted to th row a red herring in so the reader wouldn’t know until near the end of the story and it comes as a surprise.

So – I wrote a scene that seems she was killed off.  Now I can bring her in later as a pawn to be negotiated for and another obstacle to Jeremy’s problem.

I had a similar problem with the two explosion scenes – one at Henderson’s office and the other at the pre-conference mixer. I originally had the same type of explosion – hydrogen – but changed one to model rocket fuel.


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