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September 3, 2009

Next Back-Story Radio Show

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On the first Saturday of each month from 9:30 to 10AM PST my co-host Steven Clark Bradley and I will discuss the back-story of novels – ours and one of our guest authors.

The radio show URL is

You can call into the show to speak with us or our guests at anytime at (718) 766-4155

I’m the author of a new Techno-thriller called CYBERKILL which can be found at and my co-host is a prolific writer of thrillers and suspense novels like Patriot Acts and his upcoming novel the Second Republic. Steven’s site is at

Every novelist has a back-story to tell. Ever wonder what authors are really tying to say in their novels? The Back Story Radio Show gives you an inside look at the making of a novel. A behind the scenes look of the back story the author is conveying.

It could be as simple as what made them write the story. The back-story could also be a particular point or concept that the author wants to get across to the reader.

We’ll explore those back-stories every month on our show.

This week show will have as our Back-Story guest is Pat Bertram. She is the the author of two very thrilling and interesting books, ‘More Death than One’ and ‘Sparks of Heavenly Fire’. Both books are very exciting and full of suspense. She will fill us in on the back-story of her novels – should be very interesting.


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