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August 27, 2009

Tightening Up the Plot

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Been busy most of the week tightening up the plot points for SEED.

My challenge is that I concoct very complex plots. Let’s put it another way. The plot is fairly simple in these Nash books. It consists of two levels.

A plot that Nash has to pursue by solving clues and secondary plot that threatens to derail his pursuit.

In order to make the plots seem complex, I have many characters. They drive the different areas of the main and secondary plot. At first the different characters in each of plots do not seem to connect. But eventually they do and that brings the story to a head.

Right now, I have Nash, Kaya and Henderson running off to the Grand Canyon Indian ruins looking for the missing piece of the sacred Hopi stone.  Alyson is sent home but runs into Chandler who is there to find Douglas. He has been killed and Alyson tells both Chandler and her FBI partner Safford about the attack on the conference attendees. In the process, Safford, who really works for the Project runs Chandler over with their car and kidnaps Alyson hoping to make her tell him where Nash has gone.  She tells him she is to meet him in Flagstaff but not where he currently is at the Grand Canyon.

The secondary plot comes in here when Nash, Kaya and Henderson are taken prisoner by the Ecotopians thinking that Nash found the true missing piece of the Hopi sacred stone. The Pahana who is the leader of the Ecotopians needs it to fulfill Hopi prophesy.

I had some difficulty with some of the clue trail left for the reader but now have solved that particular problem.

Time to write and finish the secondary plot. I need a reason now that in the midst of the the geological and climatic upheavals happening the eco-protest will be taken place at the Glenn Canyon dam. I found I can use the supposed theory that dams are contributing to global warming and the Sierra Club and other eco-organizations are there to protest using the climatic disasters as proof of global warming.

This gives the Ecotopians a chance to infiltrate the protest and blow up the dam to purifying the Four Corners area for the coming of the new age.

Came up with a logical and believable scenario and wrote my self out of that corner  🙂


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