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August 13, 2009

Re:SEED Cleaned Up Last Scene

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Cleaned up the last SEED scene.

Nash now knows that the strange dots and dashes at the bottom of the images of the Hopi Stones are really numbers. Mayan numbers.

The Mayan system of counting does not have only ten symbols like we have today. They have twenty. So instead of combining two symbols together after reaching nine, they started after reaching nineteen. Because the Mayan system is based on twenty and not ten like the English system, instead of a tens place, there is a twenties place. Look at the example of the number fort-six.

There are two dots in the twenties place, indicating two sets of twenty. And there is a bar with a dot in the ones place indicating six sets of one. This base twenty system is still in use today by such tribes as the Hopi and the Inuits.

The numbers on the image represent a longitude and latitude. Those coordinates point to the Tusayan ruins on the south rim of the Grand Canyon. The  Tusayan ruins are rumored to be a place where the missing piece of the Hopi tablet may be buried.

Somerton figured out one other thing.

The red dots in a circle on the invoice matches the dots in a circle on the Hopi tablet.  He thinks they are some kind of microdots that could contain information.

He tells Nash to go and see what he can uncover at the Tusayan ruins but he says only he and Kaya are going. he orders Alyson home for her safety. That she doesn’t like. So she makes other plans.


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