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August 6, 2009

SEED: The Story Continues

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Location: Sedona, Arizona.

Somerton has figured out that the dots and dashes under the images of the Hopi tablets stand for numbers. Mayan numbers. The Hopis actually used the Mayan numbering system at times.

The numbers are GPS coordinates and they point to the Tusayan ruins at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Kaya tells Nash and his sister that legend has it that the missing piece to the tablet the Hopis have is buried there. Nash says that’s unlikely because those ruins have been excavated.

Somerton says no. Only a small part has been excavated. They rest was left in tact for the future.

But what about the last clue on the Kachina doll invoice? The red dots. Are they somehow connected to the Hopi end of times prediction? The Hopi 2012 end of time prediction on Prophesy Rock says there are three images that are related to the end of times. The sun, a swastika inside the sun, and the color red.

Somerton thinks he may have the answer. He tells Nash to go to the ruins and  the exact GPS spot and see what is there. He is taking the invoice to Flagstaff to the university there t have it examined. He thinks he knows what the red dots are.


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