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July 28, 2009

Bringing New Followers Up To Date

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For those of you who are new to #followthenovel on Twitter, here’s a update to bring you all up to speed on SEED.

SEED open up with Jeremy Nash flying home from Rome in a brutal and frightening storm. He was told by his sister Alyson that she has evidence that their parents did not die in a caving accident but were murdered for what they found in the 2012 end of times prediction of the Hopi Tribe. The proof for this fact lies in the tale of a beautiful Hopi maiden.

She shows Nash and his sister an invoice for a Kachina doll that was given to her upon her grandfather’s death. The invoice was given to him  by Nash’s father. She said that the invoice will lead to who murdered their parents.

The doll invoice has several clues on it that lead Nash, his sister and Kaya, the Hopi maiden on a wild and dangerous ride through Arizona as natural and geologic disasters plague the earth.

The break the clues through help of Hopi Code Talkers, a computer security expert and friend of Nash, the help of Somerton who is an expert on Native-American traditions and beliefs, and a mysterious robed man stalking them all.

I left off writing SEED after the death of Douglas at the 2012 conference in Sedona who was suppose to tell Nash the location of the Pahana – the person who would return to the Hopi and initiate the last days of this world and fulfill the Hopi end times prediction.

Somerton is about to help them solve the next clue on the doll invoice.


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