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July 20, 2009

Back in The Saddle

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After a week of author platform construction – is that what its called ? – and social networking, I returned to writing SEED today.

The week lost to writing was a good ting because it allowed my sub-conscious to work on the problem with a chapter I’ve been trying to write for almost  a month.

It had to do with the characterization of Parker. He and his organization- Gladio – were hired by Project KRATOS to remove and and all people who might threaten the Project whether they knew of  it or not.

Parker had already failed to kill Nash twice before. The first failed attempt was by his men. The second was his failure but was prevented from killing Nash by the eruption of the volcano in  the lava flow at Sunset Crater. I couldn’t have Parker fail again at the pre-conference mixer. This man is suppose to be an expert killer.

So…I had to create a way again for Nash to escape by means that would not reflect on Parker’s ability. Did that today. Again, nature intervenes and Nash barley escapes but loses a link in the puzzle chain with the death of Douglas.


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  1. Very nice site!

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