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July 11, 2009

Great Book When Looking for a Job

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Are you looking for work? Or just want to change careers? Then this books can be a valuable resource.

Ashraf Chaudhry hits the nail on the head.

Not only does he identify the main problem when looking for employment, his book provides the solutions.

When I taught business students at the universities and the discussion of finding employment after graduation came up, I would tell them this. You are not asking for a job – you are selling a service that your target employer needs. He or she is not doing you a favor by hiring you. You are doing them a favor by giving them the opportunity to bring on board a talented and unique individual.

“Unique” is the operative word. And Chaudhry takes it home in his book ‘The Craft of Selling Yourself’. I would tell my university students that everyone – EVERYONE – is selling something. And that includes YOU. You are a product to be marketed and a unique one as you. A unique brand. A Brand called YOU.

Chaudhry says this right up front in his Introduction. “During our entire life, we’re engaged in one of two sorts of activities; either we’re selling something or we’re sleeping. The Selling in life starts with first ‘cry for milk’ of the baby and it continues till……..” And then you fill in the blanks.

This is why I like this book. It employs the right premise from the start. And that’s why it’s worth your money.

A good example is in the very first few chapters. In the one titled ‘You’re the CEO of YOU, INC.’, Chaudhry says, “Treat yourself like an enterprise. Your skills are your product and service. And you’re CEO of You, Inc. CEO’s job is to sell all the time. He has to sell change; he has to sell his ideas; he has to sell his vision and he has to sell his image. CEO is the Chief Selling Officer. Starting a job hunting process is similar to launching a product or service. The only difference is: here you’re a product; you’re a brand; you’re a product manager; you’re a brand manager; you’re a sales manager.”

He then goes on to say THE most important thing that one must have when selling ANY product or service. The USP. The Unique Selling Position. “You’ve to position yourself. You’ve to bring out your Unique Selling Propositions. You’ve to craft your own marketing strategy. You’ve to open your own channels of distribution to make yourself ‘on-the-shelf’.

In the remainder of the book, Chaudhry provided the strategies and tactics for promoting and selling the Brand Called YOU.

I highly recommend this book for those both seeking new employment and/or changing careers. Especially in these economic times.


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