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July 8, 2009

Rethinking Then Rewriting Finished Scenes

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You’re done with a  scene in the book. It’s OK. The problem is that OK is not good enough.

I don’t write fantasy. I write based on what’s real then stretch the point a bit.

The last scene  – I call them scenes because I write my novels like movies – was just so so. I had Nash chased and shot at by Parker on the second floor above the pre-conference party below. Even though I had Parker use a silencer on his pistol and the canvas tent covering the patio below hide the activity on the second floor, it just didn’t sound right. Also, having Nash fall through canvas onto the food table below would have caused too much interest.

I needed the weapon’s blast to be quick and unexpected.

So now I have to go back and make major to the scene. I’ve decided to make the scene a race between Parker and Nash to reach Douglas who knows where the Ecotopians camp is in the White Mountains and where Hayden Mayer – the Pahana – is.

In the end, Douglas dies, of course, thus preventing both project KRATOS and Nash from finding the Pahana. But both the Project and Nash have an alternative they are not aware of yet while the Ecoptopians plan their devastating attack in Glenn Canyon Dam.


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