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July 3, 2009

My 2012 Novel

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I’m currently about halfway through the first draft of my 2012 End Times novel entitled SEED.

SEED is the second book in the Chronicles of Jeremy Nash series.

In SEED, Jeremy Nash arrives home after a harrowing trip by plane across the Atlantic in terrible weather to find a Hopi Indian maiden waiting for him at his sister’s house. She tells them she has something for the eldest son of his father that will prove his parents were murdered – and lead him to who killed them. She gives him an invoice for a Kachina doll order with strange code words on it that leads to a series of clues to the 2012 End Times Hopi predictions – and the secret organization that murdered his parents for what they discovered.

The clues on the invoice lead to a graphic on a DAT tape of Native American chants recorded by his father. The graphic hidden in the soundtrack of one cut is a picture of the four stones or tablets that were given to mankind at the beginning of this world by the Great Spirit.

The Hopi stone has a missing piece to it. Legend has it that when the Pahana returns to end the old world and start the new one, he will have the missing piece with him.

Nash believes that the missing piece will lead him to those who killed his parents.

Right now, I’m writing the scenes of how he locates the missing piece from the clues in the graphic and then goes and searches for it. The result his this search send the story into the secondary plot –the plot of the supposed Pahana to purify the Four Corners area with creating a massive flood by blowing up Glenn Canyon dam.


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