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July 1, 2009

Show – Don’t Tell

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I don’t know how authors wrote novels before word processors. I’m constantly going back and making changes or tweaking scenes because I  find that I need to do some more explaining or even write myself out of a corner.

Take this scene in SEED I’m writing now.

I have to show the reader how dangerous, if mishandled, hydrogen fuel cells can be.  That brings in a writing rule in fiction – Show – don’t tell.

It’s best if you can show a way to explain a piece of information either through action or through character conversation. But sometimes you just have to say it.

In the scene I’m writing now, the hydrogen fuel cell that powers the shopping center is exploded by Parker to kill the participants of the 2012 conference. he has been ordered by PROJECT KRATOS to remove anyone who might guess at the Project’s activities in the Four Corners area of Arizona.

As i mentioned before, this is a pivotal spot in the story since it sets  in motion two plot twists and the secondary plot.

Nash’s sister, Alyson,  must be sent to the airport where she meets Chandler and eventually Wilcox himself.  Alyson spills the bean on where Nash is headed after Douglas is killed and Alyson puts her life in danger along with Chandler’s.


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